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Mobile lock rekey service is available within 30 miles of Roseburg.

Lock Rekey service in Roseburg come with a 90 day written guarantee for all parts that we install, replace, repair, or rekey. Locksmith Roseburg offers professional rekey services at a moment’s notice. We require no appointment scheduled in advance. Many clients encounter situations that require emergency rekey service right thenLock Rekey | rekey a lock and there. However, we do have appointment blocks available everyday if you are looking to set something up for the future.

Locks come in all shapes and sizes, and it is often difficult to price lock rekey jobs until a technician is on site to properly evaluate the specific lock or locks that need service. We charge a $19 Service Fee in Roseburg to get a technician on site for any job, and this includes lock rekey. Please note that customers outside or Roseburg in areas such as Sutherlin or Canyonville are subject to a higher Service Fee. Once on site, the locksmith will determine what he needs to do and how long it will take to rekey your lock or locks.

Residential & Commercial lock rekey prices begin at $19 per lock. This is simply a starting price, and more complicated locks (such as high security) will be more expensive to rekey.

Residential Service

Locksmith Roseburg recommends rekeying your locks at least once every 2 or 3 years, even if you do not use professional services. In fact, there are many “do it yourself” rekey kits that can be purchased for a reasonable price and is a good option if you know your way around a modern lock.

Other than routine rekey, it is highly recommended to rekey locks when moving into a new home, recovering from a break-in, having guests stay, losing keys to your locks, or just about any situation where one or more of your keys have exchanged hands.

Residential Service

We have provided many businesses with increased security and routine lock services throughout the years, and we hope take care of any security need that your business has. If you are looking to use Locksmith Roseburg as an ongoing locksmith service provider, then please do not hesitate to call us now at (541) 508-4088.

What does lock rekey mean exactly?

Lock rekey is different than lock replacement. While replacement might be self explanatory, rekeying a lock may not be. It is not uncommon for people to replace the locks on their home or business when first purchasing or renting the property. How else can one be sure that nobody else has old keys lying around? Well, lock rekey is often cheaper and much less of a hassle than replacement.

When a technician rekeys a lock, they are actually rearranging the internal tumbler configuration. They use special tools to cut a key based on the new arrangement of the pins inside the lock, thus kicking any old keys to the curb. Once the lock rekey process is done, you can sleep a bit safer, since only your new keys will be able to work on any locks that you rekeyed!

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